Vinyl Cutting Plotter GCC Jaguar IV 61 cm (24 inch)
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The GCC Jaguar (61cm) plotter is a professional high-end of one of the world's most prestigious brands.

Comes equipped with an optical detection system AAS (Accu-Aligning-System) that allows you to cut after printing.
The traction system has digital (DC Servo Control) high speed that provides a precise cut, smooth and fast.
With 2 lines of 20 characters and 14 control buttons, allows easier use and navigation between the different menus.
Provides a better alignment of the paper which ensures better traction.
This series comes equipped with a basket that prevents the vinyl from getting dirty or damaged.
Each pinch roller can be moved and reattached allowing a better use of vinyl.
The plotters Jaguar allow connection to PC via USB, serial or parallel.

- The optical system AASII
- Traction system Servo Motor with accurate traction up to 10 meters long

Maximum cutting width: 61 cm
Maximum paper width: 77 cm
Motor: Step Motor
Cutting speed: 1.530 mm / s
Cutting thickness: 1.2 mm
Cutting pressure: 600 grs
Support: Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX

Included in the Package:
- Basket
- Stand with wheels
- Trimming Knife
- Clamp for vinyl weeding
- Installation CD (Drivers and plug-in downloaded from GCC website for free when you purchase the machine)
- Blade
- Cutting head
- Power Cord
- Manuals and more

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