Vinyl Cutting Plotter GCC Expert 24 LX
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The Expert 24 LX (60cm) is a entry level cutting plotter from one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world.

Allows cutting or drawing without having to change settings, simply put the blade or pen.
Its interface is intuitive and easy to use.
The quality of its construction, characteristic of all models including the most professional, provides optimal alignment of the paper and hence better traction.
No need to buy specific software because it allows cutting jobs directly from Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or other vector drawing applications.

Now the Expert 24 comes equipped with AASII and is able to contour cut the material already printed thanks to optical eye.
Automatically detects the 1st mark and limits the accuracy in 4 marks contour.

Maximum cutting width: 60 cm
Maximum paper width: 71.9 cm
Motor: Step Motor
Cutting speed: 400 mm / s
Cutting thickness: 0.8 mm
Support: Microsoft Windows and now also Mac OSX

Included in the Package:
- Trimming Knife
- Clamp for vinyl weeding
- Installation CD (Drivers and plug-in downloaded from GCC website for free when you purchase the machine)
- Blade
- Cutting head
- Power Cord
- Manuals and more

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