At ProShop we value transparency and take your privacy very seriously, we promise to safeguard it by all means, that is, not to sell, reveal, divulge or share your personal data with third parties.

The data collected by the platform has 3 purposes essential to our business:

1. Accounting
We need your data for tax obligations and for issuing transport guide documents.

2. Shipping
We sell physical goods and the customer expects us to deliver them to a physical location so we need your address.

3. Communication
In the online purchase process it is necessary for the platform to inform the customer at every step and for that reason we use your email. As an optional and with your consent we may send informational newsletters sporadically.

All navigation data is collected anonymously by Google Analytics and the "cookie" technology on the site is only used to enrich your browsing experience.

With the new European General Data Protection Regulations (known as GDPR) effective as of May 25, 2018 we had to develop new tools that would allow the user to manage their own personal data, including the possibility of removing their account completely wishing so. PRIVACY CENTER

ProShop is a project of the responsibility of FREEPAINT - Prod. e Serv. Informáticos Unip. Lda. with head office at Rua do Castelinho 7, 1º Dto, Odivelas, Tel .: (+351) 211 552 504.

For more information see our "Terms & Conditions" or contact us by any means available on the website.