Frequently asked questions about heat press printing

Responding to frequently asked questions about printing in general.

Can I use a home printer inkjet to stamp mugs?

The answer is no. Pigment inks used in these printers do not serve this purpose.
Unless this printer can somehow be adapted but ever need the sublimation inks.
The two most used by professional methods are the transfer or laser sublimation.
In any case, has always to acquire the materials themselves for each technique besides requiring adequate presses you want to customize each product.

Any mug can be used for printing?

No. The mugs for customization have a special treat for can receive specifically or toner or sublimation but not both.

There are ceramics specifically for sublimation and other for laser paper.

The sublimation items can be personalized with laser paper?

In principle can, other than ceramics. All that is required to run on the textile transfers for laser printers. The toasts and articles for sublimation have a polyester-based treatment can work with sublimation. Ceramic prepared for Laser paper (toner) are not designed to receive sublimation and vice versa.

The paper for laser printers are compatible with inkjet printers?

No, and the reverse is not possible.

It exists in the market transfer paper for inkjet?

Yes. It is without a quality product for professional purposes.

Recommend transfer paper for inkjet?

No. In general, the pigment inks debotam in the first wash, so for those who want a quality end product should not follow this route.

It exists in the market paper transfer for use with iron?

Yes. It is a product for home use only. If you want a lasting result or intends to follow this professional field will not even equate to do it. Professional roles they are all meant to be applied with a heat press.

What is needed to stamp T-shirts?

There are many printing techniques available but, in general, for anyone who wants to go down the easier, secure and cheap way requires a laser printer (OKI preferred), cutting plotter, press and related consumables (transfer laser paper and vinyl textile / flex).

Where can I learn more about the printing and how to start?

The internet is an inexhaustible source of information on all topics but can get in our blog:

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What is the role used to stamp ceramics with a laser printer?

The most popular role to stamp several hard materials Is Forever Multi Trans.

What is the role used to customize candles and cold surfaces?

The paper used to customize candles, glass, ceramics and other materials Cold Is Forever waterslide.

Where can I find the materials and equipment needed?

You can start here at ProShop by FREEPAINT

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