Forever Reflective Flex
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Reflective polyurethane thermofilm that provides optimal opacity in any colour garnment.


Product properties

  • Thin, slightely sticky material
  • Very high elasticity and excellent sealing properties
  • Easy to cut and weed
  • Reflective properties
  • Can be applied to: Cotton, Polyester and Poly-Cotton blends
  • Washing resistent to 60º Degrees Celsius


  • Cut mirrored image
  • Heatpress at 150º to 165º Degrees Celsius
  • For 15-20 sec.
  • Peel hot


  • Pre-heat the garment for 3 sec. to remove wrinkles and moisture.
  • For durability cover with a silicon sheet and repress it for an aditional 10 sec.


This is a professional grade transfer paper for Laser printers and requires correct temperature, pressure and time that only a professional heat press can provide. Do not atempt to apply it with iron.

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