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It's real. It's here… the ultimate revolution in the heat transfer paper industry...

The first self-weading paper for dark colored textiles in the industry.

Tradicional transfer papers need to be cut around the print to exclude the white or transparent residue areas. It was a tremendous limitation to production.
But not anymore! With this paper the limitations are gone! It's an innovative process done in 2 steps allowing great flexibility and freedom.
No need to cut and can choose between glossy or matte finish.


- Transfer paper designed for CMYK laser printers (no white toner)
- Recommended for vector art
- Supports pixel images in high resolution (300dpi) and preferably with color saturation greater than 50%.
- This paper consists in a 2 A3 sheets set. Paper A is the print support that goes through the printer and paper B which is the white mask will be applied to the print for opacity.


  • Dark and light coloured textiles
  • 100% cotton t-shirts
  • 100% white polyester
  • Leather
  • Other textile surfaces​


  • DIN A3 (Width: 29,7cm x Hight: 42cm)




This is a professional grade transfer paper for Laser printers and requires correct temperature, pressure and time that only a professional heat press can provide. Do not atempt to apply it with iron.


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